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Renters Say NO to Measure V

Protect Affordable Housing


“It’s simple.  I don’t pay taxes, but collect them” is how a landlord explained his role in Measure V, the latest tax collection scheme devised by the City of El Cerrito. Here’s how it works. The city convinces residents to pass Measure V in order to maintain all their current services (fire, police) and enjoy open space and parks. Fearing increased crime and catastrophic fire emergencies, residents pass Measure V, a scheme that will generate over two million dollars a year for the general fund. And where’s that money coming from?  It’s coming from renters.

Every time the city passes a new tax on property owners, landlords raise rents to pay for the tax. And Measure V will be no exception. So when the city says that their latest tax scheme will only affect homeowners, one time, when they transfer their property, that’s not quite true. Landlords will not be paying the Measure V tax; it will be passed onto renters. Yes, landlords pass taxes onto renters. That means the landlord doesn’t pay taxes; he collects taxes.

Sure, Measure V is an equal opportunity tax-grab. It was designed to take money from homeowners whenever they transfer ownership of their property, but landlords get that money from somewhere. Landlords get it from renters!

Most renters rent because they can’t afford to buy a home for themselves or their families.  What little money they have leftover shouldn’t go to the city so they can pay over sixty-million dollars (>$60 million) in pension debts.  That’s another little secret landlords are telling renters about and why their rents will continue to increase into the future as the city recklessly offers employees multi-million dollar pensions with no regard to the the City's ability to pay it.

Maybe it’s time for renters to think about moving out of El Cerrito. As was said at a September 2018 City Council meeting by a number of El Cerrito residents, rents are increasing fast, which is making El Cerrito less and less affordable. 

What are the choices?
If Measure V passes, El Cerrito will become even more expensive and force good neighbors to look for alternative places to live outside of El Cerrito.

This is not right.



Vote No on El Cerrito's Measure V. 
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